How to Make Reels on Instagram With Photos

How to Make Reels on Instagram With Photos


Transform photos into high-quality reels! Instagram’s latest feature, reels, is a great way to share creativity. Making reels with photos is simple. Select “Reel” from stories. Then, pick pics and arrange them in order. Add filters and effects for visual appeal. Music or audio can also be added to set the mood. For more visual interest, vary photo sizes and animation techniques. Adjusting animation speed between images creates surprise or tension. Get creative and make reels with photos now!

How to Create Reels on Instagram with Photos

To create reels on Instagram with photos, you need to know how to choose and prepare your photos, create your reel, and add music and text. These three sub-sections will help you make the most of Instagram’s feature for showcasing your photos and creating engaging video content.

Choosing and Preparing Your Photos

To make a Reel on Instagram with photos, selecting and prepping them is important.

  • Choose visuals that fit your target audience and brand.
  • Edit the photos to fit the 9:16 aspect ratio, use filters, and add text or stickers for more impact.
  • Decide on the sequence of photos and their duration; a Reel can have up to 30 secs of content.
  • Organize and save all the images in one place.

Also consider colors, framing, and visual consistency when choosing and prepping photos. This will help create a narrative flow throughout the Reel.

To ensure max engagement, pick photos that tell a clear story. Don’t use too many unrelated images, or it could cause confusion or boredom. Keep it concise and engaging with every photo you select.

By following these tips, you can create awesome photo-based reels on Instagram. With correct planning and attention to detail, impressive results are achievable that will leave an impact on your audience. Start becoming a Spielberg of social media now – create your own Instagram Reel!

Creating Your Reel

Want to craft an outstanding Instagram reel with photos? Get to know the art of making one! Here’s a 6-step guide:

  1. Go to the camera icon at the top left corner of your Instagram account.
  2. Select ‘Reels’ from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose photos to add from your gallery.
  4. Edit as desired – crop, add filters, music and text.
  5. Organise the photos in order with no abrupt breaks.
  6. Share after reviewing.

You can also use GIFs, fonts, hashtags and archives. To stand out from the competition, create reels with music and text to captivate followers and get them to hit that ‘like’ button!

Adding Music and Text

Enhance your Reels with Music & Captions!

Four steps to engage your audience with music and text:

  1. Choose music – select from Instagram’s library or use the audio feature to choose songs other creators have used.
  2. Add captions – tap ‘Add Text’ to make catchy subtitles for your visuals.
  3. Adjust timing – sync music and captions with visuals.
  4. Preview & post – review before publishing on Instagram.

Instagram’s editing tools offer unique effects for added flair. Try out the font-style feature to customize texts for better brand retention.

An influencer got a 300% increase in engagement from followers by experimenting with these techniques. Get ready to reel in those likes with these tips!

Tips for Making Engaging Reels

To increase your Instagram reel engagement, follow simple tips on how to make engaging reels with photos. Keep it Short and Sweet, Use Trending Hashtags, and Showcase Your Personality to achieve better engagement on your reels.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Keep reels short and sweet – aim for under 15 seconds. Music, captivating content and calls-to-action will increase engagement. Personalize your reel with humor and behind-the-scene moments to build brand loyalty.

Instagram’s features like filters, stickers and text overlays can make your reel more engaging. For a professional look, use tripods or gimbals to keep the camera stable.

Don’t be afraid of hashtags – they can help your content go viral.

Use Trending Hashtags

Unleash Your Crazy Side with Popular Hashtags!

Make your Reels go wild with popular hashtags. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Research: Find relevant and current trending hashtags.
  • Relevance: Choose hashtags that relate to your content.
  • Topical: Include trendy or topical hashtags related to events, holidays and seasons.
  • Diversify: Blend popular and niche-specific tags for diverse audience.
  • Create your own: Use unique, branded or community-centric hashtags.

Using only one or two well-known trending hashtags can help boost reach. But, try using more to reach more potential followers. Creating specific brand-related tags can also help brands establish their presence.

To engage with audiences, encourage users to participate in hashtag challenges, contests or other interactive campaigns. This will help create a sense of community and strengthen the bond between brand and audience.

Be bold! Who wants to watch a robot on Reels? Show your true self and let your freak flag fly!

Showcase Your Personality

Show Your Genuineness in Reels.

Demonstrate your original personality and quirks.

Include your style.

Don’t sacrifice quality and creativity.

Be creative with different angles, camera moves, and lighting techniques.

Stay engaged with your audience.

Watch metrics and demographics for content adaptation.

Post, promote and pray for your reel to go viral.

Publishing and Promoting Your Reel

To effectively publish and promote your Instagram reel, you need to understand the process to make your reel accessible to the right audience. In this section on “Publishing and Promoting Your Reel,” we will discuss the two sub-sections of “Publishing Your Reel” and “Promoting Your Reel.” Each of these sub-sections will provide you with solutions to help you increase the visibility of your reel and attract more followers.

Publishing Your Reel

Make It Public!

Present your reel to the world with more than just Vimeo. Ensure it stands out and grabs attention. Optimize title, description, tags, and select the right platform.

Promote Your Reel

Spread the word with different techniques. Utilize social media by sharing with followers and joining groups. Reach out to bloggers or influencers and offer collaboration deals.

Reel & Branding

Your reel must reflect who you are. When creating/showing existing reel, keep brand consistency with color schemes, typography, logos, etc.

Real-world Impact

Don’t miss out on real-world impact of publicizing your work. Share on social media and open doors to job opportunities from clients or collaborators.

Promoting Your Reel

Generate a buzz for your demo or portfolio! Here’s how to promote like a pro:

  1. Share content with the right audience on social media.
  2. Connect in your niche by attending industry events, sharing hard copies or digital versions of your reel.
  3. Be creative with ads – make teasers and trailers, add them to newsletters and signatures.
  4. Add a call-to-action on each advertisement. Try inviting clients to hire, for feedback, or to subscribe.

Analyze the effects of promotion strategies. Check analytics tools. Monitor campaigns, demographics, engagement rates.

Kubrick’s legendary work got him his first offer after submitting a stunning reel showing his versatile story-telling skills.

Don’t forget: you’re investing time in creating and promoting something that may not impact your career.


Creating reels on Instagram with photos can help you engage with your audience and increase your reach. Select photos, choose effects and music, then edit the clip. This will make your reel visually appealing. Add captions and relevant hashtags to your niche, and post at the best times for engagement. This can make your reel go viral and attract more followers.

Using Instagram’s creative tools like Boomerang videos or AR filters can upgrade the quality of your reels. Plus, it’ll make it more interactive for viewers.

Pro Tip: Keep experimenting with different combinations of photos, music and effects. Don’t be scared to try new ideas and create content that shows off your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make reels on Instagram with just photos?

A: Yes, you can make reels on Instagram using photos. Simply choose the photos you want to use and use the app’s editing tools to create your reel.

Q: How many photos can I use to make a reel on Instagram?

A: Instagram allows you to use up to 30 photos to make a reel.

Q: Can I add music to my Instagram reel made with photos?

A: Yes, Instagram provides a wide range of music options that you can add to your reel made with photos.

Q: Can I edit the photos used in an Instagram reel after it’s been published?

A: No, once an Instagram reel made with photos has been published, you cannot make any further edits to the photos used in it.

Q: How long can an Instagram reel made with photos be?

A: An Instagram reel made with photos can be up to 30 seconds long.

Q: Can I use custom fonts in my Instagram reel made with photos?

A: Yes, you can use custom fonts in your Instagram reel made with photos by selecting them from the app’s font library.

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