Link Building Ideas And Tips To Get More Do-follow Backlinks

Link Building Ideas And Tips To Get More Dofollow Backlinks


Attaining do-follow backlinks is critical for SEO success. Though it can be hard, the right techniques make it possible. Follow the rules in this article and get your backlink profile going!

Link building isn’t about any link; it’s about getting relevant, high-quality do-follow links. Be cautious as you build these links, so they benefit your SEO.

Guest posting on high-authority websites in your niche is one great way to earn backlinks. Post great content and add do-follow links to it, or include them in the author bio.

Did you know infographics can be used for link building too? Create an attractive infographic with extensive information and other bloggers or webmasters in your niche might share it, including a backlink to your site.

Without do-follow backlinks, link building is like trying to build a house with spaghetti.

Why Link Building is Important for SEO?

Link building is key for higher website visibility and better search engine rankings. When big websites link to your content, search engines see it as a sign of trustworthiness. This boosts referral traffic too.

To make the most of link building, get do-follow backlinks from relevant domains. Do-follow links show that the linking domain trusts your site, impacting search engine algorithms.

Creating shareable content, guest posting on high-authority blogs and engaging with influencers are great for quality do-follow links.

You can also join industry forums and Q&A sites. This builds strong relationships with experts in your niche, plus you get natural link placements.

Ahrefs’ study confirms: backlinks remain an essential ranking factor. Get ready to explore all types of backlinks: from directory listings to guest posts.

Different Types of Backlinks

Backlinks come in many different forms, each with their own attributes. These types of backlinks are: do-follow, no-follow, guest post, and editorial link.

Do-follow backlinks are the best way to rank higher on the search engine results page. Unique strategies can be used to secure these links such as broken link building, guest posting, and local citation-building tactics.

In order to maximize your traffic and sales conversion rates, backlinks should be from domains with high domain authorities. This is done by having access to high-quality do-follow links through valuable content.

Missing out on using these tactics can cost you relevance, traffic, and popularity. It is important to form an effective link-building strategy for your website/blog with Google’s algorithm and search trends constantly changing.

Without do-follow backlinks, your website won’t get the attention it needs.

Importance of Do-follow Backlinks

Do-follow Backlinks: A Tool with Super Powers!

Not all backlinks are equal – do-follow links have exceptional value. Search engines follow and rank your website when you have them. This shows that your content is of high quality and makes your website an authoritative source in its niche.

Why Are Do-follow Links So Important?

  • They help your search engine ranking
  • Organic traffic to your site increases
  • They build trust with users
  • You get quality leads from other reputable websites

Do-follow links are a powerful tool. But, use them wisely – focus on quality over quantity. It takes time to build these links but with the right strategy you get long term rewards. Don’t forget about the importance of do-follow backlinks in boosting online authority today!

A Real-Life Demonstration Of The Power Of Do-follow Backlinks

Shopify understood the power of do-follow backlinks. They used influencer marketing to get free premium subscriptions for their website. This got them tens of thousands of high-quality backlinks within one year. It was a major factor in Shopify’s success and its domination of the e-commerce market.

Getting those do-follow backlinks is like chasing a unicorn – you need a smart plan and a bit of luck.

Link Building Strategies for Getting Do-follow Backlinks

To improve your website’s search engine ranking with do-follow backlinks, the section on “Link Building Strategies for Getting Do-follow Backlinks” with sub-sections like guest blogging, broken link building, infographics, skyscraper technique, participating in forums, and utilizing social media platforms can be helpful. Each sub-section offers a unique way to gain relevant backlinks that can bring in more traffic to your website.

Guest Blogging

It’s time to play detective! Find those broken links and enjoy a good game of virtual hide and seek.

Collaborative Blogging is an awesome strategy for link building. Working together on a piece of content gives you the chance to reach potential followers and prospects.

This method increases awareness of your website and boosts traffic and engagement. You can do this by contributing or guest posting on other blogs, which promotes backlink relationships.

Collaborative blogging also enhances your industry credibility. You can collaborate with people who bring unique perspectives, skills and knowledge. This allows you to provide value beyond what one person can offer.

By joining forces in the blogosphere, you can create long-term win-win arrangements that reach wider audiences. Everyone involved can benefit from this success!

Broken Link Building

This technique of getting do-follow backlinks, called ‘Link Reclamation’, is popular in digital marketing. It can really help improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Here’s a 3-Step Guide to help you get started:

  1. Find high authority websites that suit your niche.
  2. Look for any broken links within those websites.
  3. Use an email outreach strategy to let webmasters know about the broken link and suggest your content as an appropriate replacement.

Remember, the replacement content should be valuable to the reader and remain relevant to the original link. It takes time for this method to work, so you must put in effort and be patient.

According to Backlinko, Link Building Statistics, this broken link technique could get you up to 5x more organic traffic compared to traditional techniques. Plus, infographics can also help you get backlinks.


Infographics are a great way to acquire high-quality backlinks. They provide valuable information in an easy-to-understand format and help generate traffic. Here are the benefits of using infographics:

  • Increases website traffic
  • Helps in branding
  • Enhances user experience
  • Improves social media shares
  • Helps in SEO optimization
  • Generates more backlinks

Creating an effective infographic requires good research and attractive visuals. Promote it on relevant platforms or websites to get more exposure. Adding interactive elements like animations and videos can make your infographic even more engaging. This increases the chances of it being shared and linked back to your website.

In conclusion, infographics offer a great opportunity for link building. They provide value to both creators and consumers through engaging visuals and data points. Who needs an actual skyscraper when you can just build an impressive link building strategy instead?

Skyscraper Technique

The ‘Tall Building Approach’ is a method of producing content that draws backlinks. Here’s a five-step guide to use it:

  1. Spot the top-performing content in your industry.
  2. Make improved versions of it.
  3. Reach out to websites linking to the original content.
  4. Advertise your upgraded version to those sites.
  5. Relax and observe the new backlinks appear.

Do not neglect the value of good headlines, keyword research, and thorough data. A tip to exercise when working with this approach is to concentrate on creating relationships with influencers in your area to spread the content and gain more organic backlinks.

Joining forums is like joining a cult. Instead of sacrificing your first-born, you give up your time and sanity for do-follow backlinks.

Participating in Forums

Participating in online forums related to your niche is a great way to get do-follow backlinks.

Put a link to your website in your forum signature.

Provide helpful content and be an active part of the conversation.

Follow the guidelines of the forum when posting.

Too much self-promotion could be penalized.

Earn the trust of the community and you may get natural backlink opportunities.

Contributing quality content on relevant forums is an effective way to get valuable do-follow backlinks.

Research from Backlinko shows that websites ranking on the first page of Google have 3.8 times more backlinks from forum posts than those that don’t rank at all.

You’ve got to be active on social media if you want those do-follow backlinks. It’s just like getting a date – you’ve got to put yourself out there.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms are now a major source of precious backlinks. This part of the article will explain how to Use Social Media Platforms to obtain Do-follow Backlinks.

  • Set up and maintain social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Share your blog posts, articles and web pages on social media platforms.
  • Join forums and groups related to your field on various social media platforms and post your links there too.

Plus, you can embed Social Media Sharing Buttons on your blog or website for easy sharing of content on diverse social media networks.

Hootsuite’s research found that 3.96 billion people worldwide use Social Media Platforms, making these Platforms a powerful tool for increasing traffic and link building strategies.

Get ready to up your link building game with these advanced techniques to get those sought-after do-follow backlinks.

Advanced Techniques for Getting Do-follow Backlinks

To advance your skills in getting do-follow backlinks, turn to the section ‘Advanced Techniques for Getting Do-follow Backlinks’ with the sub-sections ‘Creating Linkable Assets’, ‘Collaborating with Influencers’, and ‘Reverse Engineering Competitors’ Backlinks’ as your solution. These three sub-sections offer advanced methods to help you acquire more do-follow backlinks for your website.

Creating Linkable Assets

Crafting content that earns valuable backlinks is possible! Quality content comes first. Here are three steps to creating linkable assets:

  1. Focus on original, data-driven research
  2. Make lists and how-to guides
  3. Share expert opinions on industry trends & events

Be patient – this process takes time and effort. To make your content stand out, consider investing in professional design or video production. Multimedia can boost engagement and make it more shareable.

By providing unique insights and perspectives relevant to your niche, you can earn valuable backlinks and drive traffic to your website. An example of success is an insurance company’s study on distracted driving among millennials. It got widespread media coverage and tons of backlinks from reputable sources.

If getting a backlink is like finding a needle in a haystack, collaborating with influencers is like hiring a metal detector!

Collaborating with Influencers

Partnering with industry influencers can bring quality do-follow backlinks for your website. Here are 3 techniques to collaborate with key opinion leaders:

  • Promote their content – If you like their work, share & promote it on social media. This could lead to a reciprocal post on their blog which links back to your website.
  • Create value for their audience – See what their audience lacks & create valuable content that fills the void. This will make you an expert in the industry & increase chances of a do-follow backlink.
  • Offer something unique – To stand out from other collaborators, offer a unique service or product that adds value & entices them to link back to your website.

Reach out to them through networking websites, like LinkedIn. Engage with their posts, leave comments & send personalised messages expressing interest to collaborate.

63% of businesses plan to increase investment in influencer marketing in the next year – this is according to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub.

SEO espionage involves reverse engineering your competitors’ backlinks – it’s good old fashioned cyber spying!

Reverse Engineering Competitors’ Backlinks

Gaze at your competitors’ links to gain valuable insights into their SEO tactics. Utilize advanced techniques to analyze their link profiles, unearthing possibilities to build your own quality backlinks and raise your website’s rankings.

Take a look at the table below for details to note when studying competitors’ backlinks:

Competitor Linking URL Anchor text Domain Authority Page Authority

Notice any designs or tendencies in their link formation, like sites they often link to or certain types of content for anchor text? Think about the context of each backlink too. Is it part of an article? Is it in a blog post comment section? Knowing how the backlink fits into their strategy can aid you in devising more successful tactics for yours.

Don’t miss out – start assessing your competitors’ backlinks today to gain a competitive advantage in your field. Link building is like playing chess, only the pawns are backlinks and the king is Google’s algorithm.

Best Practices for Link Building

To optimize your link building for maximum efficacy, the key is focusing on quality rather than quantity. Personalizing your outreach emails and steering clear of black hat practices are also essential. In this segment of the article, we’ll dive into the best practices for link building and explore these vital sub-sections.

Focus on Quality rather than Quantity

Quality should be prioritized over quantity when it comes to link building. Links should be from reputable sources that are related to your niche. Low-quality links will not only not help your SEO but also might lead to Google penalizing your website.

Identify keywords and topics you want to rank higher for. Reach out to websites that would benefit from featuring your content. Personalize each message to show how the other website will benefit from it.

Quantity-focused tactics like buying links or participating in link exchanges should be avoided. They often lead to poor-quality inbound links which hurt your site’s credibility.

By focusing on quality over quantity, you’ll form legit relationships and attract followers while avoiding penalties from Google. A lesson to learn is that a company was once creating good content but had trouble obtaining links because it focused on Quantity over Quality. They got a manual penalty which took months to fix. So, make your outreach emails as personal as Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.

Personalize your Outreach Emails

Personalizing Outreach Emails: A 5-Step Guide

For effective communication, personalize outreach emails. This strategy can help you build rapport quickly. Here’s how:

  1. Research your audience and tailor your email content.
  2. Use a tool to insert the recipient’s first name.
  3. Craft an attention-grabbing subject line.
  4. Include their website/blog link and what made you contact them.
  5. Be unique and sincere in your tone.

Engage prospects with tailored details. Establish a connection before pitching links.

Pro Tip: Check influencers’ social media profiles. Find topics they’re passionate about and incorporate into your pitch.

Link building with black hat practices is risky. You risk your website’s reputation.

Avoid Black Hat Practices

Link building strategies should stay away from unethical practises, which are known as black hat practices. These practices can cause major issues to your website’s reputation and ranking. So, always go for organic link building methods that abide by search engines’ Webmaster guidelines.

Don’t attempt manipulative tactics like buying links, spamming forums and comment sections, or joining link schemes. These methods give quick results, but can hurt your website’s reputation online. Instead, focus on content creation to get natural links through great writing and original research.

Also, avoiding black hat practices is not only ethical, but also essential for long-term success in link building. It will make sure that your website gets real visitors, and not empty clicks just to boost metrics. Thus, using safe and effective strategies will help gain trust of both users and search engines.

The J.C. Penney disaster of 2011 teaches us that black hat techniques can cause serious penalties from Google. A BBC article revealed how the company used paid-link farms to promote their e-commerce store during a holiday season. Google’s sophisticated algorithms noticed this and punished them harshly. To avoid similar outcomes, stay away from these unethical tactics and focus on organic ones for long-term growth of your website.

Link building can be tricky, but understanding these best practices can help build a strong base for your website.


Link Building Ideas and Tips can help site owners get more Do-follow backlinks. And boost their search engine rankings. With these strategies, they can expect to get more traffic, visibility, and credibility.

Priority should be high-quality content. This can be supported with guest blogging, broken link building, resource page link building, and outreach.

Duplicity should be avoided. Relevant links should be prioritized. It’s vital to understand that Google values relevance over quantity.

Getting relevant backlinks needs time and patience. But the outcome will be worth it. Diversifying anchor text and utilizing social media are useful tips for success.

Recent research by Backlinko – a popular SEO organization – shows that websites in the top three Google positions have 50% more Do-follow links than those in the fourth position or lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is link building?

A: Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. These hyperlinks are known as backlinks and are an essential element of SEO.

Q: Why are do-follow backlinks essential?

A: Do-follow backlinks are a type of link that tells search engines to follow the link and count it as a vote of confidence for the linked website. They are essential because they contribute to a website’s domain authority, which is a key factor in search engine rankings.

Q: What are some effective link building ideas?

A: Some effective link building ideas include creating high-quality content that other websites will want to link to, reaching out to industry influencers and bloggers for backlinks, and guest posting on relevant websites.

Q: How do I know if a backlink is a do-follow or no-follow?

A: You can check if a backlink is a do-follow or no-follow by inspecting the page’s source code. In the HTML code, a do-follow link will not include the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Q: Should I only focus on do-follow backlinks?

A: Although do-follow backlinks are more beneficial for SEO, it is still important to have a mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. No-follow backlinks can still contribute to brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when building backlinks?

A: Some common mistakes to avoid when building backlinks include buying backlinks, building too many backlinks too quickly, and using irrelevant anchor text for links.

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