Medium vs WordPress – Is WordPress better than Medium in 2020 & 2021

Medium vs. WordPress Whos the winner?

Medium vs WordPress - How to Pick the Ideal Platform? 2020 & 2021

If you would like to start a blog or write articles online, just two of the very well-known options you’ll come around, tend WordPress and Medium.

Both make it effortless to get started publishing articles on the web. However, they also get it done in quite various ways. Thus, which approach is ideal for the position? All these are the questions we’re planning that will assist one to reply.

Within this bit, we’ll share Medium’s unique approach to articles book, provide you a quick tour of this Medium assistance, and compare Medium together with all the WordPress experience to enable one to choose the ideal platform.

Let’s Talk Now About Medium vs. WordPress and decide:



Anybody can subscribe and begin writing.

But with your consent, Medium additionally curates the articles and promotes them into its free/paid user-base via “Themes.” That’s the writer’s part. Consider such a just like a magazine/newspaper internet site. However, some writer (including you) is permitted to become curated.

Over the years, Medium has introduced money plus curation into the combination. traffic can simply see a specific selection of curated articles monthly to get free until they need to pay for off. In the same way, if Medium chooses to curate your content, then you’re able to make money by merely publishing

Philosophically this approach is relatively different from the WordPress works, which I’ll attempt to clarify.

How Medium Works: Curation and Partner Program

If you only desire to produce a specific site and promote it to your followers, that you don’t have to fret about Medium’s curation approach. But when you would like to tap Medium’s existing market, you must comprehend how curation works.


There are just two ways people can navigate your content Medium.

To begin with, individuals who follow on will always find out your articles irrespective of what. This is kind of the same as a WordPress site, for the reason that only men and women who directly contribute to a weblog are going to realize your material. Here’s an excellent example of someone’s ‘blog’ on Medium:

medium author blog

It’s only a listing of Luke’s newest articles. Individuals may then sign up with the play button to be informed if Luke articles something brand new.

But suppose you’d like to go featured into Medium’s built-in crowd. In that case, Medium must ‘curate’ your content, then that’s the 2nd manner people can discover your content Medium, and that is what generates Medium a writer.

Whenever you obtain curated, your articles have been introduced to some Medium user who’s interested in the topic – even though they don’t follow you.

For instance, if your essay becomes curated into the ‘Food’ issue, anybody who’s surfing the foodstuff topic will realize your material. You can view an example of the Foodstuff topic below:

medium food topic 2048x1839 1

Evidently, from a viewer perspective, the significant significance of using Medium vs. WordPress is becoming curated and gaining usage of Medium’s built-in audience. Nevertheless, the shift into this curation approach means that you simply understand this benefit if Medium’s curators exude your articles worth being featured.

If you’re not becoming curated, you receive almost no take advantage of Medium’s built-in crowd. Individuals who don’t follow you’re still able to find your articles should hunt for these are surfing a label you’ve used. However, you’re overlooking the majority of the advantage whenever you don’t buy curated.

I couldn’t uncover public statistics on the average curation pace. However, people appear to express that ~50 to 60 percent is suitable for a mean writer on Medium.

Making Profits

Yet another Exceptional factor concerning in Contrast with WordPress is your Partner Program. With all the Partner Program, you’ll get compensated for the job once Medium curates your content:

medium partner program

First, two large caveats concerning the spouse program:

No 1: You’re almost definitely not likely to have rich or change it into a full-blown gig. Just 8 percent of busy authors earned more than 100 monthly at 20-19.

With that said, the maximum amount made for one narrative is 8,855, and that means you’re able to earn substantial money in the event the article will get a lot of grips. This post includes a fantastic group of revenue stats, such as both that I said.

No 2: If you’re serious about earning profits from the job, you’re usually better off going using WordPress, as you’re able to market your content in other manners (for instance, attempting to sell advertisements or sponsored articles ). Medium enables you to add First Party promotion (e.g., promoting your work) and affiliate links (with disclosure). However, you can’t participate in third party promotion (promoting someone else). Also, while affiliate links are enabled, Medium is not likely to curate an informative article that has them.

Nevertheless, the Partner Program remains interesting as you will get paid for writing. That you don’t need to fret about growing your audience, dealing together with customers, etc., you merely publish articles and, even if people want it, then you may make just a very little money.

To build the amount of money to pay for its writers, Medium utilizes a metered pay-wall – that costs $5 monthly or $50 annually – to boost Medium subscribers to upgrade to a paid plan. This is the way most papers do matter.

This paid plan will be and then swallow Medium content you don’t have to pay to write. Also, this paywall only applies if you are opt-in into putting your articles – you also have the possibility to opt-out and produce your content publicly accessible to everyone. You simply won’t generate income out of this.

In the end, when you’re the writer of a narrative, then you can generate a unique ‘Friends’ connection, which lets people skip the paywall.

Therefore, while you will find gaps between the writing experience and technological efficacy, Medium’s publishing element is among the primary cultural differences involving it and WordPress.

The Way Content – creation Works on Medium

Today, let’s enter into the authentic experience of fabricating articles on Medium.

To generate a tale on Medium, you’ll have to subscribe to a merchant account. Following that, you should begin writing.

Developing a STORY

As user interfaces move, it doesn’t get even more minimal than that.

medium writing interface 2048x1224 1

The editor is fantastic; it provides you lots of breathing room to compose your articles. You won’t discover any complex design choices, such as people you can have WordPress. However, it isn’t crucial. wants your articles to speak for itself.

The tiny and icon (which I’ve enlarged below the written text from the screenshot above) enable you to insert larger block elements (videos, images, banner, and separator lines). In contrast, everything else has been done in-line by highlighting text messages.

Graphics are a narrative aspect to that Medium gives substantial flexibility. Graphics within the system text might be placed on the left two manners along with full-width. All three look great.

The outcome isn’t merely an effortless editing experience that makes you wish to write, however a one-way record that teaches you exactly how your content can appear.

medium add image 2048x1642 1

Add tags into a narrative to help individuals to believe it is

Decide whether to permit curators to urge your narrative. It doesn’t guarantee that your articles become curated – it only makes it more eligible.

If you’re ready to publish, you’ll be able to:

  • Pick the narrative preview picture (the equal of a featured image in WordPress)
  • Add tags for your narrative to assist individuals in locating it.
  • Decide whether to permit curators to urge your narrative. It doesn’t guarantee that your articles become curated — it only makes it more eligible.



You won’t discover any complicated content direction, Medium. The ‘Your Stories’ segment is the place to visit see All Your articles; it Comprises a manageable list of what you’ve composed divide right into a useful class:

medium story list 2048x952 1

There aren’t many options about what to accomplish with work; there’s only delete and edit. You’ll find no complicated settings for search engine optimization, anything or sharing longer included.

For me, it doesn’t look like a massive issue; the most crucial focus of Medium is still writing. Medium’s opinion is satisfied ought to be popular as it’s excellent, but maybe not as it comprises precisely the ideal keyword density.

As soon as you get a few visitors/subscribers, You May Also see basic stats in your Unique posts and accounts as a Complete:

medium account stats 2048x1444 1

If you enter articles, you can observe more descriptive stats on just that narrative, for example, manhood viewing period.



Since Medium is attempting to establish itself as a publishing platform, it features producing a novel. Similar to the others of Medium, that is what it sounds like. To unique words,’Publications are fine, destinations that are focused. They’re intended to be an assortment of related articles.’

As an example, we can make a ‘WinningWP’ book:

medium create publication 2048x1466 1

Exactly like somebody would get the New Yorker due to the articles’ grade, a reader could accompany your book as the topics covered attention them.

It’s possible to write most of the articles within a novel, or you’ll be able to allow the others to contribute readily by setting them up as editors or subscribers.

WordPress vs. Medium

First, we will need to deal with the gap between WordPress, the applications, and, a hosted WordPress environment.

In case you are using WordPress in your internet site (i.e., without the need for, you’re able to do nearly everything Medium does if you learn the appropriate plugins and theme. But because WordPress is capable of producing an outcome like Medium doesn’t imply it’s best. And it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the ideal solution for you personally.

Once you utilize, you’re essentially having the WordPress environment and never bother installing and maintaining it.

From the comparisons below, I’ll be speaking about WordPress as applications and while the hosted service (that includes some publishing attributes ) as a complete.



There was quite a difference in paper experience between WordPress and Medium. Nevertheless, in late 2018, WordPress established a fresh editor that will be. Well, let’s state it required a little inspiration out of the Medium picture editor.

In reality, in case you trigger fullscreen style, then the WordPress editor looks much like the Medium editor (only with’longer’ going on). Simply begin typing to compose. Then you can add other Kinds of articles by clicking on a ‘and’ icon:

wordpress editor 2048x1565 1

The most crucial distinction is that WordPress permits you to execute far more.

To begin with, you obtain more articles elements (called ‘blocks’). Medium only provides you elements such as graphics, videos, images, and separators. In contrast, WordPress provides everyone those and a good deal more, including switches, column designs, tables, quotes, and so forth.

The writing experience in Medium continues to be somewhat more fluid and nominal. However, the difference between the 2 is smaller today – if you enjoy Medium’s writing experience, then you’ll probably like WordPress’s too.

Simplicity of Use

If it involves how easy these programs would be touse, Medium comes on top for the large part. WordPress is a behemoth – plus, it shows. Countless article choices, site preferences, plugins, topics, and each of the whistles and bells supply you with a great deal of power, however, at the expense of usability.

WordPress is in no way complex into the idea of being hopeless. Nevertheless, it can possess a much steeper learning curve compared to Medium. Medium features a more robust feature set. Therefore, thus it can employ it with a whole lot more awareness of detail.

If you merely need the simplest solution to begin writing, Medium wins. If you’d like the flexibility and so are ready to hold with a small learning curve, subsequently, WordPress wins.



In case you love to tweak and song little matters like custom areas, excerpts, and search engine optimization options, then you’re out of luck using Medium. WordPress provides many plugins, which may allow you to optimize your articles such as Facebook, Google, search engine optimization overall, and a whole lot more.

While I don’t believe the abovementioned plugins are critical for personal books, it’s a fantastic strategy to have those tools at your disposal for business internet sites or business enterprise blogs. Therefore, this creates a Medium ideal for personal blogs or good books, but probably not a workable alternative to business-related websites.



What’s become apparent to me is that Medium is best for writers who wish to generate a written stuff portfolio. The problem with this kind of a portfolio inside a WordPress internet site is that you can’t easily distinguish your writing how you desire to – until you possess any programming chops to decide on your writing skills.

Medium enables you to make books for your similar sonic bits and donate to additional books – and also, you might cause everyday stories for whatever.

medium publications list 2048x1585 1

You may indeed make tags and categories in WordPress; however, it’s perhaps not the same. Medium provides you an idea of ‘belonging’ (I’ll discuss it later), gives your stuff more extended power.



That one is becoming into the societal aspect of matters, which I’ll discuss more when comparing the publishing side. However, it deserves mention here, too. Should you operate a WordPress internet site, you write the articles or enroll an individual to donate.

The author’s participation is quite much incorporated into your site. At the same time that you’re able to give the writer rights to the printed material, it seems like your website owners.

With the manner Medium is abbreviated as a stage, it appears a great deal more author-focused, which, in the long run, is as though a hugely significant difference. Even if contributing a guide to a novel, it feels just like’yours.’ The particulars of why would be the amount of numerous smaller consumer experience and stage layout choices. Therefore maybe the best way to explain it’s like that:

Adding a post about how Medium is a novel picked your essay and gave it more prolonged vulnerability. Adding to some WordPress-based internet site is just like you’re searching to get somebody.



WordPress ‘the applications’ is free and open-source. You can download it in and put it manually (with all the correct hosting) all on your site. Most hosts possess straightforward WordPress supports accessible, making WordPress mostly simple to install and ready to go with. enables you to employ a WordPress subdomain (i.e., as the blog’s website. It is free to complete. However, with a free account, you also won’t have the ability to gain access to lots of WordPress’s functionality. If you don’t upgrade your bills, you’ll only have the ability to make use of fundamental customization choices.

Paid plans start at $48 a year. Besides, on the company plan and above, you receive a little more flexibility for creating custom sites, having the capacity to put in your WordPress plugins and themes.

wordpresscom pricing 2048x1235 1

Medium, alternatively, is wholly free for authors. While it doesn’t game each of WordPress features, you can’t obtain a personalized domain name. Whatever that’s there is undoubtedly liberated for authors.



While WordPress the applications has a massive network, there isn’t any’writer’s network’ perse. You will find loose ties between internet sites. Also, as soon as you’ve got a free account, you can trace different blogs. However, the functionality is more limited and perhaps not overly prominent.

Medium, alternatively, feels like a group of talented authors. There are many WordPress internet sites with an extensive array of quality and content which you don’t know what to expect once you reach a website. But whenever you get a novel or article about Medium, you believe it’s probably going to look okay.

After leading and promoting articles, all add to the setting, plus it generates Medium all the best for this. These varieties of community features will be wholly absent in WordPress.


FLEXIBILITY and Medium are mainly on writing-focused sites. There’s a fantastic deal more room for flexibility about because there are only more options to pick from.

If you operate your installation of WordPress or cover to your Business program, then that’s when things begin opening. You’re able to add e-commerce service to your website, display events and provide online classes, comprise contact forms, and far more.

In this aspect, WordPress can be an excellent product as it’s supposed to be described as a frame – not merely a writing stage.


Should Utilize Medium?

In comparing Medium vs. WordPress, then it’s evident that these are tools employed for different functions. WordPress is capable of doing nearly everything Medium can do (and then some). However, that usually means WordPress’s attention is elsewhere, or the extent is a lot wider than merely writing.

This boils down to that Medium is much superior compared to WordPress in creating a breeding ground for authors; however, you’re stuck with all the features that have it out from this box. Content production may perhaps not be too joyous using WordPress; however, the final result may look and texture the same – and also, you will always add a growing number of features for those who should.

In order Have the Ability to Choose which one you need, I think you Should Think about the following:

  • Medium is for writing only.
  • WordPress lets you do a great deal more than merely writing.
  • Medium is a writer, along with some blogging platforms..

By contemplating those mentioned above, you’ll be able to just about solve removal and some necessary conclusions.

Foremost, can you wish to produce an internet site dedicated to writing? If this is so, you have to work out if you will need any complex functionality. By way of instance, are you currently creating a movie review blog with referral connections, cross-references, and other features that need navigation? In case the solution is yes, then Medium probably isn’t the ideal selection for you.

Before we proceed ahead, I’d recommend all to think about responding to the question mentioned above yet again. Even though you could sooner or later desire extra capabilities and wish to keep your options available, you probably shouldn’t choose WordPress entirely on this basis.

Are you convinced adding sophistication will add more detail and generate a far better experience? Are you convinced you must have quotes displayed within a backdrop image to possess a great site? Adding sophistication isn’t always such a fantastic path, also being mindful of the may help you earn a much better decision.

Should you’re developing a writing-focused site, and Medium’s feature set appears just fine, you then want to generate a marginally more abstract choice. Only at that point – end-result-wise -, you can attain the same with both programs. Therefore how exactly do you pick? Let’s break this down one farther:


Custom Made DOMAINS

One variable could be your customized domain name. While Medium offered traditional domain names for a short span, it ceased doing so at overdue 2017.

Now, everyone your posts will probably be displayed on your Medium page (e.g., or perhaps a Medium publication (e.g., You can’t use your custom domain.

If that can be a deal-breaker for you, subsequently WordPress it is.



When you’ve already written a narrative but don’t have anywhere to place it, then you also can subscribe and print it together with Medium in roughly two minutes. It’ll look amazing, even though the visuals won’t be more customizable.

On, it’ll just have a few moments, too. The environment offers you more options, which means you can end up becoming lost in the forests.

That is even more straightforward when you’re running WordPress yourself. Setting up it takes approximately five or half an hour if you realize everything you’re doing even and 15 to 20 minutes if you’ve never done it earlier. The stand-alone version provides you many plugins and themes, and also, an intricate motif can give you so many design elements to tweak you might easily spend hours about it.



The display does matter. Also, Medium is presented. WordPress is equally too great; however, don’t assume all motif does its job well. The diversion capacity is a lot more with most of those sidebars, routing, meta tags, and additional elements that will mess the web page.

Medium appearances and feels like a good book from the getgo may add plenty of gravitas to work. With a load of earning things appear good removed from your shoulders, then you can pay attention to the writing.



If you would like to make money from your writing, the Medium Partner Program is absolutely an exceptional alternative.

Let’s put this way:

If you would like to make money out of your site, WordPress is probably a far better option with an increased earning capacity since you aren’t constrained in making money.

But suppose you’d like to make money from your writing without even fretting about the business aspects of owning a website. In that case, Medium might be an excellent alternative because all you’ve got to pay attention to is writing quality articles.


The Main Point

I’d recommend Medium over WordPress to eight out of often professional authors. Perhaps the guideline ought to be if you earn an income out of writing publication-worthy articles – ones that you might see with Time, Newsweek, or the New Yorker – Medium is probably the area for you personally.

Nevertheless, along with a property on Medium, I’d also advise creating an individual blog (from WordPress) that informs the entire world those you are and what you’ve achieved with the real articles you’ve written, possibly printed online on Medium.

If you require an even more complicated site or the essence of one’s writing requirements, someone of the extra features Medium doesn’t offer, then WordPress will be the far better choice.

And, needless to say, when you’re seeking to produce a fully-featured eCommerce, directory, or membership site (as an instance ), subsequently, Medium is a nonstarter. In contrast, a tabbed WordPress website with the ideal plugins will probably need some or all those ideas in its stride!

Do you’ve got adventures using WordPress and Medium you’d prefer to share via comment?


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